Worst Collection Mistake is failing to be prepared with a collection agency before you actually need them.


You need to choose the right collection agency:

  • One where you only pay if they collect for you without a fee up front
  • One that has a great track record of collection
  • One that treats everyone professional
  • One that knows the laws for the state of collection
  • One that uses all ethical means of collection
  • One that is fully licensed and bonded

One willing to provide review of accounts at any time

  • One experienced in the type or age of your debt you need collected
  • One willing to provide information on the collection process
  • One willing to take the time to communicate with the client
  • One that has been in business more than 3 years


This selection can be a tedious task considering there are over 5,000 collection agencies in the US alone.

We at MCA meet all this criteria and much more.  We are here to help our clients collect on bad debt and as quickly as possible to increase their cash flow.  Knowing the client pays nothing until we collect for you, we would like to be the collection agency you choose to retain to take care of all your collection needs.  MCA collection agency is a locally owned  company founded in 1950.  We takes a deep interest in helping our neighbors get the most out of the business.  Never hesitate to contact us with your questions.