Workplace Safety can’t be ignored

How safe is your office?  Safety is very important in our society today. Here are some tips about creating a SAFE work environment.

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When you think about safety you need to consider anything that could be a potential  accident.  Remember better safe than sorry.

Does your staff have a Fire Exit plan?  If not, you should have a designated plan.  Everyone should know your plan and have specific directions.   The best plan of action is to be prepared ahead of time.

Safety in workplace involves making arrangements so as to avoid accidents.


Office Safety Tips

  • It is best to keep your work area clean and clutter free.  Stacks of files and papers can be an accident waiting to happen.   A clean work area also allows you to be more productive.
  • Place your computer and keyboard at the proper distance to avoid wrist and eye strain.
  • Things such as sharp objects like scissors, cutters, stapler etc should be kept in a safe place.
  • Make sure all windows and doors can be locked and the locks are all in working order.   This is more of a priority  if working in an environment that incorporates cash or valuables.
  • Security cameras are a great way to insure accuracy should anything be compromised.
  • Be sure you keep things away from all walkways, keeping them clean and dried.  Be conscious of your lighting covering all walk areas inside and out.
  • Fire alarms should be throughout and checked often.  Fire drills should be practiced as well ensuring all employees know what to do in case of a fire.
  • Exit signs should be placed in plain sight and near ALL exits.   Never lock these exit doors.
  • All technology and machines should be installed properly.  Always use a professional.   Make sure all wires and cords are off the floor for safety.   Making sure all electrical outlets and cords are away from areas where liquid spills most likely could occur.
  • Have an earthquake plan. Prepare a location where all know to go in case of a warning. Making sure all files are backed up offsite.  Have a post opt plan of who and where to contact after the earthquake.

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