[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]How to choose a collection agency when customers just won’t pay their bills.

 Why wont customers just pay their bill

You or one of your employees have been spending time and more time trying to collect from those customers who just won’t pay their bills.  You have tried everything, and it still isn’t working.    Your company has called and called, sent letters and still not getting anywhere.

Collection agencies have gotten a bad rap in the past by their unscrupulous ways of collecting and tracking down people.

That can not be the case today as they are closely regulated.  This being the reason you can keep yourself out of hot water by hiring a collection agency.   They know the laws and it is up to them to abide by them leaving you from liability.

When you turn this unwanted task to someone who knows what they are doing they typically recover more than you will ever get an opportunity to.  Hiring a reputable collection agency becomes a no brainer.  They pay for themselves.

Hire one that doesn’t charge an upfront fee and their success in recovering is the only way you pay for their services.

Another misconception is collection agencies are debt buyers.  Debt buyers and collection agencies are two totally different companies.  If you sell your debt to a debt buyer, you will negotiate an amount that is typically pennies on the dollar.

Make sure do your due diligence and check out the collection agency.

  • What kind of rating do they have with the Better Business Bureau?
  • Have they worked in your industry?
  • Check out the level of success.
  • Do they have other happy clients sharing how great they are?
  • Are they use up to date locating software called skip tracing?


Collection Agency MCA MCA Collection AgencyMCA is a third party debt collection agency that has been in constant business since 1950.  We are rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service along with delivering great recovery rates.  There is no cost to you unless we collect!  Why not try and re-coop some of your past due accounts with no out of pocket expense?