Sometimes we find it hard to get started when setting goals. Why we Need Motivation…. It can be difficult to break down that goal into bite-size pieces in order to hit the target.  No matter where you are in the process you need the motivation to complete the goal.

Motivation is important for a variety of reasons.

Nothing gets started without motivation.  Your motivation sometimes is known as your why is what gets you started and what fuels you to keep you moving.   Keep in mind you may have to evaluate and reset the target if you want to keep your motivation.

Motivation can mean something different to different people.  No matter the motivation you must be committed to seeing your goal through to completion.

7 Ways to Get and Stay Motivated

  1. Start with an accountability partner.  Someone who will really hold you accountable and not just agree with everything you do.  We typically will keep our promise to others when we will let ourselves down regularly.
  2. Set your goals and then prioritize them.  You can’t do all of them at one time, but you can do them one at a time.
  3. Vision Boards are perfect for motivation.  It helps you visualize your goals and keep you Motivated.
  4. Create a daily task list and cross off as you finish each task.  It will help you feel like you are making headway and keep you motivated.
  5. Share your goals with others.  Talking about it solidifies it and keeps you motivated.
  6. Visualize your goal already completed.  Where will you be?  How will you be feeling?  What will you be doing?
  7. Find inspiration outside of yourself.  Read books, blogs, magazines.  Watch videos and listen to blogs to find additional sources of motivation.


Here’s to your motivation and success at reaching your goal!


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