Job Loss
Medical Expenses
Death of a loved one
Poorly Managed Finances
Never intend on paying Mistaken billing

 MCA is a collection agency that is staffed with professionals who deal with collecting the outstanding debts of people on behalf of the creditors.
We pursue payments through a variety of methods. We start with sending demand letters asking for the payment. We could also do the asking over the phone. However, the methods are regulated and debtors are protected by the Fair Debts Collection Practices Act or FDCPA. It prohibits inappropriate methods and stipulates restrictions like the time when phone calls can be made.
 The major benefit that companies and creditors can reap from our agency is the amount of time and money that can be saved. The companies do not have to focus their time into pursuing those that owe them. They can instead focus on their business and other important things. As the old saying goes, Time is Money…
 We have more experience and expertise in the task of pursuing debts. We have an entire staff of highly-trained professionals who can collect debts in approved methods. We  know what steps to take and  have the right people and resources for it.
 Our experience and resources will return companies a lot of money. The money that should have been lost in delinquent payers can be brought back to the company by our agency. Instead of just forgetting about all those unpaid debts,  let’s turn them into lost money that has been found.
 You do not pay MCA unless we collect.