You ask who is MCA , allow us to introduce ourselves…

logoMCA is A+ rated . We  have been a local family owned company since 1950. We are very proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau as we pride ourselves in our customer service. We work diligently for each and every client to retrieve their unpaid debt from their customers/clients/patients. We are a third party working with a diversified group of businesses as their outsourced collections department. We have a fabulous track record of re-cooping unpaid debt, increasing our client’s cash flow. We begin the process without any upfront cost. We collect or you do not pay.

MCA’s goal is personalized service which keeps the lines of communication open with our clients. Through this professional approach and our ongoing commitment to maintaining a relationship with our clients, we will always look to the future with Success as the end result. No need to chase down your money! Convert your unpaid debt to paid in full accounts at a competitive rate.

Our customers have options. We want them to choose the type of service that meet their needs.

  • Legal referrals
  • Second placement s accepted
  • Traditional contingency fee s
  • 30 day pre-collect

We service all of Missouri including St Louis, St Louis City, St Louis County, Jefferson County, Franklin County, Cape Girardeau, Jefferson City and St Charles County along with all of Illinois and surrounding states. We also collect across the United States and Can A minimum of (3) to (5) demand notices will be sent and all good phone number will be called several times if necessary. We guarantee all accounts are worked regardless of the dollar amount or location. We have numerous different skip tracing options available that we utilize daily.

We report all accounts to Trans Union and Equifax after 45 days of receiving them if there is no contact. We also pull credit reports on accounts that have sufficient information. If it is deemed necessary that we must refer an account for legal action, we will do that with your consent.

We design a plan to meet the needs of our clients, therefore you are never in the dark about your accounts!

We make it easy for your clients to pay their accounts by giving them choices

  • ACH – Savings/Checking
  • Visa/MC/Discover/American Express
  • Website payments
  • Leave the payment info on our secured phone system
  • Payment to the client
  • We take arrangement for payment weekly, biweekly or monthly.

Knowing everyone’s situation may be different we can also offer a customized plan of payment as well.

We would be our privilege if you choose our company to represent you. Please don’t hesitate to let us know if we can help you or answer any questions.

Call us at 636-677-3000