What exactly are we looking for as a consumer reading a sales page on a website?  We want to know why we should buy your product or service.  What success have you had?  What will help you convert visitors into buyers?

Proof.   That is all anyone is looking for is proof.

They want to hear from others it worked, why and how. Here are a few types of proof that gives your product or service credibility.


Case studies

This is similar to a testimonial, but more deeply involved with facts and figures.  A case study shows where the person was at before, during and the end results.  In other words is shows proof of your claims.


There are some stipulations according to the US government on what testimonials can say, and if they need to include a disclaimer noting atypical results, they are still an effective form of proof.  Testimonials can be in writing with a photo, video, or audio.  Video will trump any other testimonial as it is not only in the customer’s wording, but they see the inflection of the voice and clearly it is not enhanced.  What types of testimonials do you like to see?

Video tour

As the title alludes to it is a tour via video of a demonstration of what you do for your clients/customers.  Basically, you take them behind the scene to experience a bit of what the full product will deliver.  Let’s call this the show and tell portion.

Share your credentials

Are you a published author,  10+ years in your industry, considered an expert?  Quoted in papers or on TV?  Interviewed in a top magazine or popular pod cast?

Free trial period

Are you confident enough in your product you could give a trial period and offer a money back guarantee?  This is more like advanced proof and goes a long way in comforting a potential buyer’s fear.  You can offer 7, 14, 21- or 30-day free trials.

To convert readers to buyers you need proof.  Proof converts best with any audience.


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