Tips about what you must know before choosing an Email List Provider

First, let us say if you do not have an email list you are missing one of your greatest business assets.

I’m sure you have heard it said the money is in the list. Whether you use your list to stay in contact with customers or you use your list to attract new customers you need a list.

There are many providers available such as Constant Contact, AWeber, Mailchimp, Infusionsoft, Active Campaign, and many others.   You can Google Email Providers and get an extensive list.

There is one dramatic difference you must look at when choosing your email provider.

Deliverability Issues

When in business there is a multitude of expenses so we understand why many start with a free or low-cost email provider, but you will pay for it in the end.   If you try to send an email to a large group from your regular email, they will blacklist you.  You must use an email service to be compliant.   Now on the other side of that coin is sending email from an email provider that doesn’t have a reputation of clean opted in lists their IP address gets blacklisted and it causes your email to your customers/clients/patients to be marked as spam and they never see the great information you just emailed them.

Be an educated business owner before making that big decision of who do we use to get the greatest results.

Limited Features

Know the features and limits on them.   One may sound great but when you realize that when your list reaches 501 you go into another tier that can get quite expensive.  Are you able to segment your list?  Are you able to automate follow up emails?  Are you limited how many times a month you can send emails?   These are all extremely important questions to have answered before giving your credit card.

Now to the Rolls Royce or Cadillac email providers like Infusionsoft, do they offer features you will never use?  Don’t overpay unless you plan to use those amazing features.

Next, is who is going to learn how to use these or are you going to pay someone to do this for you?  Some systems not many know how to use successfully.


Make that wise decision upfront as it is quite difficult to move an email list from some email providers.  Others you will move it to may ask for a second verification from the subscriber and you will lose a good portion of those.  Remember you could have many landing pages or signups attached to that email provider.

Good luck with making this important decision.


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