Check out the tips to help you achieve your goals

#1 Go for the Goal – Attempt something big.  Don’t let others put a damper on your big goals.

#2 Make a firm commitment.  Do not waiver and believe in yourself

#3 Keep your eye on the prize.   Stay focused and put blinders on so you can’t get distracted.

#4 Keep track of your progress.  This is really important so you can see how far you have come.

#5 Break it down.  Take it down to bite size pieces.  When you view the whole many times that is too overwhelming and it can paralyze you.

#6 Don’t let setbacks get you down.  Any time you go for a big goal there are going to be ups and downs.

#7 Celebrate even the small successes.  Reward yourself when you accomplish one of those bite size pieces

#8 Know when to get help.  The most successful people are wise enough to enlist great help.

#9 Measure and Revise.  You can’t know where you are and how close you are if you are not measuring.  Then adjust and revise according to your results.

#10 Be Consistent.  This is where most make their biggest mistake is they don’t stay consistent.  You can’t work toward that goal for 2 weeks and then take 2 weeks off and expect the same results as if you had of been consistent.


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