Tips to a Better Leader

  • A good leader isn’t concerned with their success as much as the success of their team.
  • Keep in mind learning to be a good leader impacts your entire organization or company.
  • First what are you own aspirations and motivations. Know your weaknesses as well as your strengths.
  • Leadership starts with GREAT communication.


We have all encountered “Leaders” who all they do is sit in their great office and “BOSS” everyone around.

John Maxwell teaches the best leaders create better leaders than they are by building the people around them.

Did you know according to Center for Creative Leadership 38% of new leaders fail within their first 18 months.  Don’t become one of the statistics.

Connect with your team

Leading a group of people requires trust of you and you of them.  Be genuine and easy to communicate with.  Don’t underestimate the power of happiness.

To build a great team you must have a great relationship with each of them.  Get to know them personally.  What do they do for fun, what are their greatest strengths and weaknesses.  What gets them motivated?

Keep open communication.

One of the most important elements of effective leadership is creating an open line of communication.  Your team must feel speaking with you is a safe place and they can trust you.  Be honest with them.

There are many leadership styles; there’s no right and wrong, just the way in which we communicate.

Encourage growth.

Acting as your team’s cheerleader is an important part of being an effective leader. You should be invested in their success and growth.  Empower your employees without micromanaging them.  Look for ways to increase their personal development.  Not always is their cost involved.

Teach your team to believe in themselves and trust themselves.  Delegation shows trust.


Keep a positive attitude.

Your attitude affects the entire team.  The old saying is so accurate.  The speed of the leader is the speak of the pack.  A positive leader creates positive team members.

Focus on solutions, rather than problems. Display enthusiasm and confidence, a good leader will sees the impact that they can have in their working environment.


Train employees

A skilled leader understands you must train your employees.  You can’t ask them to do something they don’t understand or know how.   An effective leader knows and does what their teams need.    Encourage employees by rewarding rather and yelling and screaming especially in the presence of other employees.  No one likes a BOSSY Leader.


Set Clear Goals

Most want to please their Leader but more important is the accomplishment of their goals.  Great leaders encourage their teams to dream and achieve their desires.

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