There are many ways to network today. Not only offline but online. This article from Business Know How does a great job talking about 10 tips for Successful Business Networking but there are many other ways to network.
First of all, you can network yourself right out of business. Be sure as the article talks about participating in networking meetings and groups that they are beneficial to YOU and YOUR business personally.. You can become over whelmed with all the meetings and networking that it causes you to not be able to keep up with the demands of your business.

Answer these questions first:

  • Does my target market attend these meetings
  • Are they organized
  • Do they stay on Time
  • Are they Focused
  • Is it convenient
  • Do you enjoy the group and look forward to attending

If you said yes to all of the above, then by all means continue. The benefits obviously warrant you attending. If you said no to more than 2 of these, you might want to consider finding another group to attend or become a part of.

This may come of a surprise to you but a golf game can be a great networking event if you golfing with new connections.

Just like you were already aware networking happens at the golf course, think about other places you enjoy and how you can make that a networking opportunity.

Online Networking such a LinkedIn is a perfect place to find your target audience or your ideal client. LinkedIn allows you to connect with other professionals so it becomes a warm lead instead of a cold lead. Every professional needs to have a presence on LinkedIn at minimum. This is your open resume so other companies and professionals can find you. This being said after you have attended an offline networking event, take those cards and connections and connect with them on LinkedIn to keep the conversation going. You will be amazed at who knows who and how you are already connected.

We enjoy staying connected to our clients at MCA Management Collection Agency. Look forward to being able to service you at some time in the future with your collection needs. Remember it doesn’t cost you anything unless we do our job and collect.