Time is Money

You have heard the old saying time is money, well that is a profound statement of truth.  Since time is money, you probably need to determine what is the best use of your time to outsource in your business.

Running your own business is not easy.  It not only takes a large investment, but it is an extreme investment of your time.

Signs you need to Outsource Collections

  • No one in your office is trained in collections
  • No education on the laws of collections that can COST you thousands in the long run
  • You or your staff despise having to call people to collect
  • The money being lost because of your skill at collections is high
  • Software cost to find debtors is absorbent
  • Most debtors do not respond to your message

It is your job as the owner or manager to make sure things are moving along successfully.  You notice your cash flow is down.  What is the first thing you start to do?  Right decided how that can change and change quickly since time is money.

You and I both know people get into binds and not always because of bad money management.  Life happens and unexpected accidents or illnesses happen.  We have found that when you work with these clients in a professional way with the tools we use, we have great success.   Remember the longer you let an unpaid bill linger the harder it is to collect and the more money you lose.

Stop wasting your valuable time and money, outsource.

MCA is a third-party debt collection agency that has been in constant business since 1950.  We are rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service along with delivering great recovery rates.  There is no cost to you unless we collect!  Why not try and re-coop some of your past due accounts with no out-of-pocket expense?