Stop harassment from Collection Agencies

It may be embarrassing but you must acknowledge your debt.  The Collection Agencies are only doing their job.

Consider the following tips for handling collection agencies.

phone ringing while person is scratching their head

Maintain Accurate Records: When making purchases of any size, please keep your paperwork.  Always read the small print and make sure you understand what is expect and in what time frame.

Do Not Avoid their Calls:  You may not have the means to repay at the time, but do not avoid their calls.  Most are in the same position but Collection Agencies will work with you if you respond.  Changing your phone number will not help you avoid the collection agency either.  It will just make them take action quicker.

Establish a Payment Plan:   Most collection agencies will work with you.   As long as a debtor pays something toward the debt, this is generally enough to ease harassment. For this matter, consider making small payments every week.  If at all possible, arrange for the collection agency to use automatic withdraws weekly or monthly. Regardless of how much is owed, the collection agency can only withdraw authorized amounts.

Check out the Claim:  Many times, people will complain collection agencies claim they owe for something they didn’t purchase and don’t owe .  If this happens, simply ask the debt collection agency to provide proof of the debt. By law, you are entitled to this information. If the agency can’t provide proof, they are required to cease collection on the account.

MCA Collection Agency treats everyone with respect!  We work with our clients to collect unpaid debt in a professional manner!