It is time to stop chasing your customers.

Now is the time to let us do it for you.

When you dreamed about opening your business did those dreams include wearing all the hats?  I am sure you did not any more than we did.

The businesses that grow the fastest are because the owner decides real quick outsourcing is the way to go. That help can come via virtual administration, employees, Joint Ventures, and last but not least Outsourcing.


If you choose to stop chasing your clients and outsource you want to make sure you know the answers to these questions.

Weigh out the pros and cons….

  • Is anyone in your company trained for collections?
  • Will it save you time?
  • Can it save you money?
  • Can you do it for less in-house?
  • What company would you use?
  • What kind of reputation do they have?
  • What kind of up-front fees do they charge?
  • How will they treat your customers?
  • What are the ongoing fees?
  • Are they ethical and have integrity?
  • Do you get a real person?
  • Are they local?
  • Have they worked with your industry?
  • What kind of rating do they have with the BBB?


If you can get the answers you are looking for to all these questions, then move forward outsourcing and grow your business without chasing your customers.


When Outsourcing your unpaid invoices to a collection agency,  it will free up your time and allow you to do what you do best.  Do what is more profitable.    It also allows the bad debt to be collected in a positive professional manner to not tarnish.  They can protect your reputation as they know and stay abreast of the collection laws.   Do not add one more thing to your plate by having to keep up the laws on collecting bad debt of what you can and cannot say.  How and when you can call and what you can without getting your company in a legal situation and must hire a lawyer to protect what you said.


MCA is a third-party debt collection agency that has been in constant business since 1950. We are rated A+ with the Better Business Bureau and we pride ourselves on excellent customer service along with delivering great recovery rates. There is no cost to you unless we collect it! Why not try and re-coop some of your past due accounts with no out-of-pocket expense?