Start Your Week Off with Less Stress.  Stress can have a strong effect on your body and zap your energy.  If you allow tension to build up through the week  it can cause trouble sleeping.  When your body doesn’t get the rest it needs it starts to run your body down.

Break the stress cycle with these 4 steps:

Remember you have to start your week rested.

Relaxation Techniques

  1. Turn off all technology. The best practice is disconnecting from all technology for at least an hour. Try to disconnect for at least an hour each day. Do what most do not today and pick up a phone and call someone.
  1. Slow down. Get up early and leave some space in your day between appointments.  Plan more time than you think actual tasks will take.  Take time to smell the roses.
  2. Pray and/or meditate. Spiritual traditions are their source of stability and contentment. Inspiration comes in many forms.  Take time to listen in your prayer or meditation time.
  3. Use your creativity. No matter what love of the arts you enjoy, you can help relieve stress just by being involved in one of the arts.
  4. Live mindfully. Multitasking is a myth.  No one is good at multitasking jumping from one thing to another.  Focus and complete one thing at a time.


Think Positive

  1. Watch your self-talk. Treat yourself as kindly as you would anyone else. It’s ok to acknowledge your fears just don’t dwell on them. Encourage yourself with your own attaboy.
  2. Gratitude. Remember to count your blessings. It is hard to be down or stressed when you are being grateful.
  1. Let go of expectations. Base how to handle your expectations by only things you have control of.  Accept uncertainty and know you can only do your best and let go of things you can’t control.
  1. Laugh. Laughter is the best medicine. Many things especially unknown or new will make us uncomfortable and stressed.  If you realize most of the things that make us uneasy have their funny side. Look for the humor in all things

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