Start the Year off Right

 When planning  your year start with your email list.

Happy New YearThe old saying the money is in the list is absolutely true.    Plan your marketing around building your email list.  Then make sure it is optimized.   While Social Media is a great way to introduce new items and services it is not the best when it comes to securing your own proprietary information.   A great email list is your greatest asset.  Keep it updated and send information to your subscribers on a regular basis. It is best to use an email company like Marketvolt or Aweber that will automatically clear out your bounced email addresses and never duplicate.  You will want one that allows you to segment your groups or services. Make sure you are sharing great content.  Information that is relevant and timely.   Use an email provider that uses an opt-in to be legally compliant.  This protects your company email address from being shut down for too many complaints.  Remember people sign up and then they forget they have signed up and then mark your information as spam, while you have no recourse for this.  This is also why it is so important to also use a very reputable business email provider.   

Make sure your email ALWAYS  states who it is from.  Never leave that blank.

Using a great subject line will help the open rate.  Just make it an honest subject line, just enticing to open.   Ex: Going out of Business when in fact you have no intention of going out of business but just wanted to get the potential client to open the email..  It may work once but then they will ignore your emails and they don’t trust you.

Make sure you have it set up so your e-newsletters/emails /blogs are set up to go out on your social media platforms automatically when you send to your current email list.  This will encourage new sign-ups.   This is also what we call cross-pollinating.   This works with all social media outlets.  We have found it to be most successful on Facebook & Twitter. Now take the feedback or engagement from your social marketing relationships and build your marketing campaigns.  If you ask they will tell you what they are looking for.  LISTEN for their pain points and share the solutions.

Don’t become just a blaster.  A blaster is someone who blasts information out regularly but never LISTENS to their fans or followers.

Make sure your online listings are up to date.  Check you your own links on your website and social sites to make sure they are all in working order.  Technology is changing regularly so with some of those updates links get broken.

Here’s to a most successful 2014.

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