Here are some smart business questions to ponder.

There are times in business we fail to ask ourselves the important questions. Those listed below are a few to take to heart.



  • How do you reward your employees? When you have those employees that go above and beyond, what do you do to reward them or do you?
  • When is the last time you told an employee they were doing a great job? If so how did you tell them? Note, verbal, in front of their peers or in a newsletter?
  • Are you flexible when your employees need time off for an emergency? Do you work with them when they have times they need to leave early or come in late?
  • Will you stay up to date on the tools to help them become more efficient or do you expect them to continue working with antiquated tools?
  • How do you help them learn to collaborate and work with their fellow employees?
  • Is your employee handbook clearly defined?
  • Do you know how, when and where to give criticism? Are you discreet or do you blast time when you are angry and in front of their peers?
  • Would you belittle them in front of their peers and make them feel inferior? Typically you will lose productivity this way.
  • Have you determined their strengths and what comes naturally for them?
  • Do you include them in making decisions or are you the know it all manager/leader?
  • Can you name each employee by name? Do you know their spouse or significant other’s name?
  • Is it clear what you expect when it comes to customer service?
  • Do you smile at your employees or do you come in like you are mad at the world

There are many more questions you could ask yourself after these. Might be wise to keep an ongoing list of questions to continually keep on top of how you are treating your employees.


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