Recognize and Fix 3 Kinds of Burnout

As you go through your day you will naturally have your energy levels fluctuate.  That is not the same a true burnout.  This can truly affect your career, life, and happiness leaving you feeling emotionally drained.  Let’s look at the different kinds of burnout and while learning some strategies for dealing with them.

Of course, finding something that you thoroughly enjoy doing in your career,  feeling like you are doing meaningful work is the best thing to avoid burnout. While you search for deeper fulfillment, these techniques will make you feel more fulfilled.

Dealing with Overload:

Are you one who typically pushes yourself to exhaustion? You may also find. yourself complaining about office policies and practices that you feel are holding you back.

Focus on solutions.

Even if you are accurate, constant complaining may make your mood darker and drive people away. Propose universal alternatives when faced with a challenging situation.

Set reasonable goals.

When setting your goals be realistic and know your capacity and schedule. Calculate and measure what it will take to complete a project.  Do this before you say yes. Learn to say no graciously. Consider additional resources that may be needed and ask for them before you need them. Stay ahead of the game.

Recall your accomplishments.

Now is the time to make a list of all your accomplishments, small or large.  Maybe even number them.  Relive the time you were the top salesperson or hired the best employee.

Take personal life responsibility.

When you stay at the office an excessive number of hours it could be a sign you are trying to compensate for areas of your life not working.  Take time to be with friends and build your relationships, maybe attend a church, or start a new hobby.

Cope with Boredom:

Maybe you feel like you’re coasting at work. People experiencing this type of burnout also tend to be vulnerable to cynicism and they try to avoid difficult issues.

Look for the bright side.

You don’t have to be a Pollyanna to be positive and look for the good in people and events you attend.  Taking time to journal what you are grateful for has a tendency to change your mood

Tackle a challenge.

If you will take on the challenge and volunteer for a demanding assignment it will take your mind and heart off of what isn’t working and what is causing burnout.

Socialize more.

Being around others can stimulation and bring purpose, even if your job consists of routine tasks. Just concentrate on what you can do to help others. Brighten your supervisor or coworkers’ day by delivering a sincere compliment or please a customer by going the extra mile.

Communicate directly.

Learn to address conflicts head-on. Be tactful but communicate clearly when you say what’s on your mind.

Coping with Being Worn Out:

If you have worthy goals but find it difficult to achieve them, this could describe you. Ask yourself if your motivation wavers or leaves when you encounter opposition and stress.


Remind yourself why your work is important.  As you do this you may discover multiple sources of gratification, including supporting your family and contributing to society.

Plan ahead.

Take the helicopter view when you’re starting a project. Think about potential Picture obstacles that you’ll likely meet along the way and be prepared to address them. Figure out who you can contact for expert advice.

Develop relaxation techniques.

Stress is part of all jobs.  Choose methods that dissolve tension for you. Maybe listen to instrumental music, pet your animal, or sign up for exercise classes.

Before you consider handing in your resignation, determine your personal brand of burnout and learn how to overcome it. Taking constructive action will make your job less stressful and more satisfying.


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