Here  are a few Offline Marketing Strategies to help you get started.

You are already using social media and that is going great, now what can you do to enhance, and lead generate?   Time to talk about offline marketing strategies.

No matter the strategy online or offline you need to have  goal.  You also need to know your target market.  Without those two things you might as well not begin.

Your target market consists of:

  • Gender
  • Ethnicity
  • Household Income
  • With children or without
  • Career/industry
  • Hobbies
  • Shopping
  • Fun

Time to try something different:

Try Networking but be very specific or it can be a waste of time.  Make sure your target market is spending time at the same events.

BNI or Other business groups:

You will attend and spend time with these in this group once a week, so you get to know them well enough to like them and trust them.  Then they are willing to refer you just like you are them because the truly have gotten to know you.


This is an opportunity to get your name out there to not only brand your business, but people start to recognize your company.   This also gives you an opportunity to participate as a humanitarian and help your community.    You could sponsor a Chamber or Charity Golf Tournament, a 5K Run or a specific need like Autism.

Charity Events:

Attend events in your area so it benefits your community specifically and get to know the other people who volunteer.   There is never a time it is not good to volunteer and help your local community.   You can also donate your products or services to help in a silent auction or trivia night.   If you have the space in your location, you could even host an event.  That will give you the opportunity to show off your services or products and be recognized as the hero.  Here is another source as well.


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