MCA wants to Work with our Debtors..Types of debt collection agencies
 Debt collection agencies are usually one of two types.
 One of the most common of them is the first-party debt collection agencies. These are part of the original company you received service, merchandise or loan, and work under the management of the lender. They tend to be more cautious when handling customers.  They hope they have built such a great rapport that you the consumer when in a better position will work with them long-term. Most of these agencies have no legal legislation like the other third party agencies. First party agencies strive to regain the debts for sometime before passing them over to third party agencies.
 In comparison with first party agencies, third-party debt collection agencies like MCA typically have a more no nonsense mindset. They are not part of the creditors inside office, so they don’t have the same need to keep that great rapport. In most cases, creditors pay these agencies some percentage of the intended debt prior to commencement of debt pursuit. (not in the case of MCA, we are not paid unless we collect)  In most situations, if the creditor decides to cancel the contract between them and these agencies, the company in pursuit will still have to pay the percentage of the total debt as agreed. However, this is not always the case as some lenders operate under a ‘no collection no payment’ policy.