[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]When it comes to Local Marketing not everyone understands the importance of local directories! You may have ignored your local search options in the past but that is no longer an option. You may have not done this intentionally but this is a must since it is a way for the playing field to be fair for every business owner.   If you want to be seen on Google this is a must! This is the first-place Google recognizes you as a business.   We live in a google search first society. Let’s make sure you are listed. Credit: http://www.elementarytech.net/2016/01/18/february/

What Is Local Search?

Local search simply means the search engine (ex: Google – Bing) target a specific location.  Some potential clients and or prospects search via local search.   This is done by using keywords and location. Example:  If a person in St Louis types in “Organic Food Market” into Google, they are going to get a list of any local collection agencies per their location and they are going to get all the paid ads and organic ranked locations.   If that same person puts in “St Louis Organic Food Market” they will get a very long list of local stores.    It is in your best interest to be listed in your local area especially if you are a brick and mortar location and only do business in your area.

Getting Listed

You will need a website to be listed.   You need to consider these things when creating your website.
  • Domain name that reflects what you do or what solution you have for their pain
  • Add keywords to your pages that help Google find you for what you do specifically
  • List your business name, address and phone number information (make sure you use the same address on EVERYTHING!
Now go the directory sites and sign up to be listed:
  • Google Places
  • Yelp
  • YellowBook
Stay consistent with the images you are adding so no one WONDERS if it the same business and leaves you quickly. Thus being a waste of your time and money. Make sure you give enough information they are looking at the right business to do business with.  

Reviews can Make or Break a business.

Always respond to reviews.   Many times, they will be complaints unless you encourage your customers to take their great experience with you and share that.    Many potential customers will go to your reviews to see what others are saying first before even giving you a chance to present. Consider linking your directory pages when you get a great review and link it to your FB page.   Makes sure you blast out on social media all your great reviews.   The return on investment is amazing for effort to get listed on the local results. as You may have not done this intentionally but not away of what is available on Google for every business owner. This is the first-place Google recognizes you as a business.   We live in a google search first society.
 Photo Credit: http://www.elementarytech.net/2016/01/18/february/
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