-Why collection agencies exist-

I would venture to say most every small to large business has had its share of delinquent clients, who make all kinds of excuses.  Now the company is wasting its valuable time invoicing over and over again and again with no results.  This same company then starts making those difficult calls to the client who owes this outstanding debt leaving the company vulnerable to other uncomfortable issues.


-How collection agencies charge-
Some collection agencies charge a percentage of the unpaid debt they collect as well as require a fee up front. NOT MCA Management Company, they only charge if they collect, no upfront fees and no out of pocket expense.  MCA Collection Agency sends you, the client, money instead of you sending money to them.
So instead of constantly badgering clients, some savvy businesses turn to a debt collection agency. The rumor is, you can’t afford them, yet the opposite is true.  You can’t afford NOT to use a 3 party debt collection agency. If you use a reputable debt collection agency like MCA Management Company located just outside of St Louis Missouri, you also don’t have to worry about inflated prices for services.
 MCA Debt Collection Agency charges NOTHING  to you, the business owner, unless they do their job and collect.   Let them do the grunt work for you, convincing customers to pay with written notices, phone calls and by hopefully working out a solution.
MCA is fully insured and bonded, has been in constant business since 1950 and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.