When it comes to personality everyone is different.

We are going to show you how to show your best personality where it shows best on you.  You do have options to change your personality and not live what with what you have in the past.  Research has shown a light on the topic.

It is now thought with research support the idea that some personality traits can be altered by the individual just reframing their mindset.

Apply these strategies to adjust your personality traits in a direction you desire and others will appreciate:

1. Recognize and embrace the POSITIVE effects of aging.

As we grow older, the sharp edges of our personality that we may dislike tending to smooth out and become less rough around the edges. It is nice to know we become a nicer version of ourselves.

2. Realize that life experiences contribute to personality change.

Interestingly, as you experience major life events such as graduating from college, finding a job, getting married, having children, and taking on other adult responsibilities such as career changes, your personality develops so you can fit into your life of choice.  Our experiences change us, usually in positive ways.

3. The way to build stronger relationships is to work on being more agreeable.

Being agreeable includes but is not limited to considering the needs of others before your own. Stepping up to help others rather than make your life be solely about you. Connect regularly with others to build long-lasting relationships.

4. Be a better parent by accepting of others and focusing on others.

Being a parent requires more giving than receiving on a daily basis.   When it comes to your children, it’s important to train yourself to be more giving in everyday situations.

Children do things differently than adults, it just knowing where they are developmental will be of tremendous help to you as a parent.

Your seven-year-old didn’t make her bed perfectly? Recognize the work and coordination it took for her to make it as well as she did. Your ten-year-old didn’t put all his clothes away? Thank him anyway and use positive words of affirmations to encourage him to finish the task.   Be more accepting and less demanding to raise children who will be more tolerant of other people’s differences.  Use post-it notes for reminders and rewards.

5. Learn to be your own cheerleader.

Take notice when you’re accepting of others and their responses. Be more understanding and more tolerant, and less demanding. Give yourself kudos for becoming the person you are striving to become.  Yes, it will take work, intention, mindfulness, and diligence to change those parts of your personality that you are not happy with.  Be the person you desire to hang out with.  Enjoy and stay positive about your progress.  You truly can change your personality and be the best version of you, you can be.


If you have never taken one of the personality quizzes, this one is pretty in-depth and is free.  You can pay for more information but it is pretty enlightening as to why we do what we do and who we best connect with and enjoy life with.  This is the 16 Personality Character Traits.  It will take your about 20 minutes to complete the information but it is well worth the time.  Ask your spouse or significant other to take it with you.


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