How to retain good employees.  7 tips to help businesses with their employee retention.


a group of employees gathered around a desk

  • Understand Why Employee Retention Matters
  • Benchmark Your Employee Retention Rate
  • Use Retention Strategies, Not Guesswork
  •  Don’t Assume Employees Are Happy
  • Health Benefits Are A Key Part of Employee Retention
  • Provide Different Benefits for Different Employees
  • Conduct Exit Interviews

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Additional things to consider:

How you speak to your employees?  Do you treat them with respect and value their skills and expertise?  Never reprimand in front of other employees, as you lose their respect very quickly.

Is there any way to be rewarded for going above and beyond?  This is ideal for the competitive employee. If there is no way to stand out among the crowd why go the extra mile.  This could even include simply being featured in an online newsletter or a specific parking spot.  This may not have a monetary investment however it can be priceless for company moral.

Are you flexible regarding time off?  If you have an employee that asks for a day off and it can be made up at a different time frame and you work with them, you create loyal employees.  This can be very import with a family emergency or attending a momentous event.

Solicit their thoughts and opinions.  People want to be heard and they want to be valued.  Use this as an avenue to find out what they enjoy doing and what they can bring to the team.  Many times other than during these collaborative efforts you would have no way to know these additional talents.

Article from Forbes on 6 reasons your employees quit you… Click here for the article…

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