No one is excited to get a call from a collection agency. How to handle harassment from collection agencies.  It is embarrassing but the best thing you can do is acknowledge the debt is yours.   Don’t take it personally when a collection agency calls you, they are just doing their job.

                                   Use the tips below when working with a collection agency.

Validate the Claim:

It doesn’t happen all the time but there have been mistakes of people being contacted yet the debt does not belong to them.   If this would happen to you, just ask the collection agency to provide proof of the debt.  You are entitled to this information by law. If the agency can’t provide proof, they are required to cease collection on the account.

Do Not Avoid Calls:

Again, they are just doing their job.  When you avoid them by not answering the phone or returning their calls it puts you in a bad light with the agency.  Collection Agency’s goal is to work with you.  That creates a win-win situation.   Changing a phone number does not remove your debt because they can not contact you.

Payment Plan:

The agency wants to work with and create a plan suitable for you and their client.  Pay something and at least get started.  Otherwise, the stress of their continual calls and contacting you will begin.  It is the job as they have contracted with the company you owe the money to, to collect.   Most will ask you to set up automatic payments, so they don’t have to chase you down for the payment.   Keep in mind they can only take out what you have approved.

Maintain Records:

When making purchases of any size, please keep your receipts and all paperwork.  Read the small print and make sure you understand what is expect and in what time frame.  You don’t want any surprises at the end.


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