Truly happiness is a choice, YOURS.

 The secret sauce is to approach each with a positive attitude. 


Let’s face it, we all want to be happy. The problem is we often talk about how we want to be happy, but then most never do anything about it.

We believe the myth that we can only be happy when everything in our life is perfect. Who do you know their life is PERFECT?  We believe happiness is a relationship, the perfect job,  a second home, luxury vacations, pampering, or how we look (clothing, size, or age).

None of these things alone create real and lasting happiness. Then we must ask ourselves the question, how do we get happiness?

Since happiness is not circumstantial, we don’t have to wait for everything in life to be perfect, nor do we have to have control of everything to have happiness. Knowing this is a game-changer and eye-opener because it means any of us can be happy. Sometimes we must start with our face and smile, knowing something great will happen when we do this. This way, it moves from the outside in or in retrospect when we feel happy; our outward experience changes in ways we could never imagine.

It’s common to follow the crowd and fall into the trap of thinking we’ll be happy only when everything in our lives is exactly the way we want it.  For us to be happy, we must work hard to control these external circumstances to make them “right.”

When we work to make these things happen, we want them to fill us up, validate us, or make us feel whole and complete. That is our goal.  Even if they do for a while, these changes will not be sustainable. Tomorrow, we start all over again.  With luck, we eventually realize that external things don’t make us happy long-term it is the internal things that support happiness.


If you are at this point, you are ready to make changes to live a sustainably happy life.


Did you know self-love is the starting point of happiness?  Live from a pure state of self-love. You’ll be more likely to be able to sustain contentment because your inner feelings of abundance will lead to beautiful relationships, financial freedom, and purpose-driven work.

Self-love puts you on the fast track to finding true happiness and healing. And your responsibility is to release fearful perceptions (remember perception is reality) and develop a loving outlook on life. This is what determines your perfection and wholeness.

You are perfect the way you are. Nothing is wrong with you. These might be things you think to convince yourself they are true. By giving up limiting beliefs, you’ll finally experience happiness: freedom and your maximum potential.


Wishing you an abundance of happiness!


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