Focus will influence your productivity.  Have you ever considered all the things in your day the compete for your attention?   You would think with all the technology today we would have more time not less.  You would think with the way technology has allowed us to automate and streamline so many tasks life would be easier.  Yet in many ways it has clogged up our efficiency and because of learning curves it has caused us to lose focus and waste time.

Dog and catWe have been taught you must be good at multi-tasker to be productive.  This is the biggest lie we have been sold in business and life.  Successful men and women have learned that true focus is the KEY to productivity and greater success.

If you think multi-tasking is wise, let me ask you this.  When you are listening to a webinar online and you are looking at your email, text etc.  Can you really tell me what the webinar was about and what did you miss?  Did you respond with a clear mind to the emails correctly?  Did you catch that auto correct on your text?   Exactly!  The term one track mind has been said in a derogatory context but that is what we need to have to be productive.  It is called FOCUSED!

Focus means you should be able to get up each day with a clear idea of how that day should go and if you take each task one at a time and complete that you will have a greater sense of accomplishment.

When you plan, your day don’t forget to budget in some time for unexpected things that will take your attention and cause you to become unfocused.

With our short attention spans and with so many diagnosed with ADD or ADHD it has created more concern about spending too much time focusing on one thing.  With this being said it is important to break up your day with segments of BLOCKED – FOCUSED time.   We find it helpful to color code our calendar and yours maybe color coded according to physical activity and sedentary activity or client meeting compared to working on a project.

You will want to turn off all distractions like the pop ups on your computer.  You can also help yourself stay focused by setting a timer so you are not continually watching the clock.

Staying on one task helps you be less stressed and have better time management.  May your day be Focused and Productive. For more great tips on Productivity check this site out.
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