Finding Calm in Your Chaos is not a cliche.  Not only the pandemic caused chaos but everyday life. We live in a stressful world. Many are expected to work longer hours for less pay. When you get home from work, it’s not time to relax yet. You still need to cook dinner or at least figure out where to get it, clean up, do the laundry, help the kids with their homework, and more.
When you’re finally done doing everything, it’s time to go to bed just so you can wake up and do it all over again the next day. Rinse and repeat.

However, there are strategies that can help you minimize the chaos in your life.

Consider these ideas:

1. Get more sleep.

This is easier said than done, but getting more sleep helps a lot. The problem is no one can just say I’ll go to be 3 hours earlier and it works. However, you can start going to bed 15-30 minutes early each night and work up to the 8 hours, min 7 of sleep required per night to function at your best.

2. Take”me time” without guilt whenever possible.

Try things like:

  • Go out to dinner
  • Take a nap
  • Read a Book
  • Take a walk
  • Enjoy a bath
  • Get a massage
  • Listen to music

3. Exercise

When you exercise vigorously, your body releases endorphins which are hormones that make you feel good.
Exercising helps you release endorphins which make you feel good. It also helps you release pent-up energy.

4. Get organized

Start your day by planning and sticking to it, you’ll eliminate a lot of stress. When you are being pulled in all directions you are not productive and get very little done.

5. Set realistic goals

If you set goals that allow you to complete and be able to celebrate. Some like scratching off a list and others like an empty list. .

6. Find a Friend

Sometimes just getting it off your chest when a friend lets you vent can help with stress levels.

7. Professional help

Never let it go too far that you contemplate hurting yourself. At that point, it is time to get professional help.
If you’re dealing with stress in your life, you’re not alone. However, you can use these tips to minimize your stress and live a more calming life in the middle of your chaos.   Check this link out as well about dealing with stress.  Here is one more link you may enjoy as well about dealing with stress.


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