When to enlist the help of a Collection Agency…

After you have given your customer a reminder of his/her obligation and received no response.

You have sent a letter demanding they respond in 10 days with no response.

If the customer stops responding to your attempts to collect by phone.


7 Reasons to enlist the help of a Collection Agency

Collection Agency:

  1. You deserve to have your invoices paid as it affects your cash flow.

  2. It should cost you nothing unless they deliver

  3. Saves you time and money

  4. They know the best practices for the least amount of time

  5. They  know the laws

  6. Find one that is  totally professional to everyone involved

  7. Check the BBB to see if they have an A rating

Choosing a Collection agency can be very daunting.  The biggest reason is because you have to trust them. Are they credible? Will they take care of your clients like their own? Take the time to call them. Have a chat with them, if satisfied do your due diligence and by all means check out the Better Business Bureau.  Be sure they have an A rating as they are representing your company.

Since 1950, MCA Collection Agency has made a commitment to our clients to be conscientious, ethical, and professional.   We treat everyone with respect in pursuing account collections.