This is an area all businesses have to deal with daily. GREAT Email Subject Lines – Increase Open Rates.  Each of us sends emails in the expectation it will be opened but that isn’t always the truth.  All business owners look for ways to improve open rates.

Why this is so important is the fact they will never learn about:

  • Your special you are having
  • The latest news in your company
  • That changes taking place
  • A new program you are offering

Statics show you have about 2 seconds to say something that causes the reader to open your email.   Worse is the fact you must do in it in less than 10 words.    Even great copyrighters have trouble doing this.

Use Numbers

Here is one of our top strategies for creating a must open subject line is using numbers.

“7 Reasons to Hire a Collection Agency”

“3 Ways to Uncover Cash Flow Flaws ”

“5 Social Media Platforms You Can’t Ignore”

The numbers in the subject line work perfectly just because it leans to our curiosity.   We just must know if we know the 3 ways to uncover cash flow or all the reasons to hire the perfect collection agency.  We will either walk away feeling good for being so educated or we will have learned something.

Be Ambiguous

This style works, but be cautious if you are doing a bait and switch.  That will cause people to become angry and turn off anything you say in the future.   You will see subject lines such as  “She adds this to her marketing and now she is unstoppable”.  Now everyone wants to know what “THIS” is. We imagine the endless possibilities, but in the end we have to find out, so we click on the email.

You can employ the same technique in your email subject lines. Just substitute the word “this” for the actual thing you’re writing about, and you’ve got instant enticement.

Use Power Words

Just as with all writing, choosing power words is far more effective than settling for their weaker counterparts. When these tow subject lines appear in your email which one are you more likely to open?

“Collection Agencies help companies collect an unpaid debt”


“Need more Cash Flow – Hire a Collection Agency”

While both subjects offer the same information, the first is weak, while the second is far more compelling.


Few more tips to keep in mind if you want to up your open rates:

  • Keep it short
  • Test everything
  • Use personalization, but sparingly.

Bottom line:  Great subject lines are important in order for your emails to be opened and read.


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