Email Marketing

Email Marketing is not dead as some suppose.  even though you must work harder to be heard above the noise. Keep in mind the best email subscription forms requires you to put in very little information.  The true best is first name and email.  The more you ask for the less fill it out.   They just close out of the page when you start to ask for too much information.    You can share all you want once they have opted in. By Law, you do not have the right to buy a list or take everyone you have ever met and put on your email list.   Best is a double opt-in as it totally protects you and helps you keep a clean list. There is a multitude of choices when choosing an email responder system.  You can go with the Cadillac of systems with Infusion Soft or something much more reasonable like Aweber.   What determines your choice is what do you need it to do.   Do your research.  Infusion Soft offers a ton of bells and whistles to segregate your lists while Aweber gives you a great simple platform with a high delivery rate.

When starting your email list you need to have a business professional strategize with you on what you want to accomplish with your follow up campaigns.

Start off with a Thank You Page.   Use the automation and call them by their first name.   This makes it much more personal.  They were willing to give you their information for whatever you were offering.  We don’t offer that easily today as our email boxes are inundated with information we never read so we are trying to reduce the emails we receive.   Let them know you understand that and you are thankful they trusted you to not share their information with any other person, company, etc. and you will not be selling that information. Some follow up with a Welcome message.  The first time you meet someone you typically say hi and exchange a short conversation.  You are going to do the exact same thing on line regarding your first auto response.   You can add a link to a free report you created, or you can even share something of benefit to them from a fellow business owner.

You can use this platform to:

  • Do surveys
  • Quizzes
  • Give Coupons
  • Gifts
  • Early access to something
  • Email List only specials
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