Elevator Speech… oh no!

If you like most say oh no!  I need to have an Elevator Speech?  


First thing each of us has to do when we are introduced is give our elevator speech.  


This is the number one problem for networking.  Someone says, “Hi, I’m Clayton, and what is it you do”. Is the next thing out of their mouth?  Do you know what you are going to say or do you just blurt out what comes to mind?

Fred Miller talks about how to build that Elevator Speech floor by floor.  We all have a tendency to say what our industry is not what we do for customers, clients, patients or companies and why they work with us.

If you elevator speech changes every time you talk with someone you will want to hone that skill and have something they will remember you by.  If you can come up with something that has a bit of humor like Fred when he wipes his head with his hand and say he helps his clients learn how to give speeches with “NO SWEAT”.  That is memorable.

Fred talks about the WHY someone want to Work with you and the BECAUSE…..

Example:  People hire MCA Collection Company because we have such a high percentage of collection and we treat all of our clients with utmost respect.

This article is a must read no matter who you are.  You are introduced to people on a regular basis and you don’t even consider the fact you give you elevator speech regularly.

If you need help with collections, we at MCA Collection Agency would love to be the company you turn to!  We promise you will get the best customer service we can give.  We will take your collections and begin the process to recover your delinquent accounts.  Remember no cost to you unless we deliver.