Credit Repair Tips – Bad credit in some cases can be just poor management of your money but many times it is because you have had financial hardship from unexpected things in your life.

It could even be caused because of medical issues or surgeries that have caused you to fall behind on your payments.    It can happen because of a loss of job or disability.   Either way, it causes issues with your credit reporting.

Many credit repair agencies sell you on the fact they can get bad entries removed from your credit report.   Truth be told if you are willing to invest some time you can do this yourself.   There are two methods you can use to get negative entries to take off and removed from your credit report from all three credit reporting companies.


Option #1: Personally  File your Dispute with the three Credit Bureaus

Because of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, they require credit bureaus to investigate any item listed on your report that you dispute.   If must be corrected by the bureau if it is found to be false, unverifiable, or inaccurate.    The bureaus are given 30 days to complete their investigation.


Even though you can dispute anything that is not accurate some have had good luck get disputing judgments, collections, and repossessions.

If you make the decision to dispute an accurate entry you will need to write a letter to each of the 3 credit bureaus disputing it.    If the entry is verified it will not be removed and I will stay on your report.


Option #2: Negotiate with Creditors


Dealing with creditors can be extremely intimidating, especially if you are not on good terms with them. But speaking to your creditors directly may help you get negative information removed from your credit report.

If the only thing you have on your credit is a late payment or two the creditor might be willing to take off he derogatory information regarding your payment history.    This is one of the areas you will only know if you ask.    If it is a repossession you want to negotiate, you need to do that ahead of time.


If You Can’t Get the Bad Entries Removed

If you can not get the negative removed with your creditors the best thing you can do it build the consistent pay on time positive information on your report.


The first thing needed in building good credit is to bring any past due accounts current.   You may need to talk to a credit counseling agency.   Do not miss payments and stay current while paying on the past due amounts.


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