When searching for nearby collection agencies, it’s important to use the right resources to find the best results and the best collection agencies in your area. The search results you’ll receive for “collection agencies near me” will vary depending on your location. Your search engine may even show you local collection agency companies, listed at the top of all other results. 

Be careful not to mistake ads as local agencies. Paid advertisements will appear above other ads and are clearly marked. These listings may include collection services that are not necessarily in your area.

The local results provided by Google, Bing, or other search engines are often quite helpful, but there are other ways of finding local collection agencies.

The Better Business Bureau

The Better Business Bureau (BBB) offers local listings of a variety of businesses and is based on your location settings for your phone or laptop. You can search for results based on BBB accredited companies only or both accredited and non-accredited businesses. Other filters include the distance from your location, rating (A,B,C,D, or F and above), category, or state. 

Each collection agency on the BBB site shows a variety of helpful information regarding the company, including:

  • Contact information and map
  • Accreditation, rating, customer reviews, and customer complaints
  • Business details, such as when the BBB file was opened, the number of years the company’s been in business and business start date, and the type of entity (i.e. corporation, sole proprietorship, limited liability company, etc.)

The BBB is helpful because it’s not affiliated with any agency, including the government, and provides honest, straightforward reviews on how trustworthy a business is. Don’t forget to check out our A+ ratings in BBB to know what our customers saying.

The Yellow Pages

The yellow pages online are also a great location for finding collection agencies near you. As your search engine, the Yellow Pages may also show ads at the top of your local results, but they are marked as paid advertisements. 

Unlike the BBB, the Yellow Pages do not rank the collection agencies, but rather simply lists all agencies within your city of choice. You can, however, filter the results by neighborhood, category, or BBB rated A or A+. 

Other Results

When you type “collection agencies near me” into your search engine, you will receive a variety of results in addition to those listed above. These results may or may not be local collection agencies, but may help you find an agency that could help you. Remember that most search results are based on keywords and phrases that have been optimized for the words that you type in the search bar. 

Regardless of the search results that you receive for the phrase “collection agencies near me,” take the time to research and review the agencies to be sure that you are contacting the company that is best for you and your situation.