Challenges in Collections

Challenges in Collections

With the ever changing privacy laws, it is very challenging in today’s collection world.

 MCA has been in business since 1950 and the collection business has changed dramatically.

While the technological advances of the last 15 years have streamlined some of collectors’ operations,  we are tied down by decade-old laws that don’t reflect how most people communicate in today’s world.

When the laws were put in place to regulate how collection agencies operate, there was no Internet, we didn’t have cell phones, automated dialers and a lot of the things that are commonplace today. As we are now a mobile society and most landlines are a thing of the past, it has made collections way more challenging.  On top of all of that, we have rising unemployment, amazingly high rates of bankruptcies, and an overall bad attitude with the world today due to the failing economy.

Having said all of that, MCA is still committed to providing a full service collection agency that keeps up with the ever changing collection world along with providing excellent customer service and great recovery rates for our clients.