Can Monopoly Teach You to Become Wiser and Richer? We think of playing Monopoly is a game we teach our children, but it can be more than just a fun way to pass the time. If you think about it this simple game teaches social, economic and academic lessons.  This is what Monopoly can do for you.

Social Lessons Learned

  1. Learn to Follow the rules. Monopoly remind us to follow rules to win the game. Creative play is good, but our children also need to be prepared to obey.  They will need to know this for school and as an adult in the workplace.
  2. All us the opportunity to spend time with family and friends. Family and time together is a rare gift to be treasured. Aim to have fun and encourage everyone to feel appreciated. Don’t take it too seriously. 
  3. Negotiate effectively. Much of Monopoly is making wise choices and negotiating. If everyone wants the Scottie dog take turns.
  4. Bounce back from adversity. It teaches the fact adversity may come but how to bounce back.  After-all, you may go bankrupt or even land in jail.  Teaches how to overcome obstacles.
  5. Win graciously. Don’t gloat when you win. It could have just been right place right time. Learn to thank the other if you come out victorious and accept their congratulations with style. Extend the offer of a rematch.

Anyone who has played the game of Monopoly can last for hours. Sometimes we think it may never end.

It’s time well spent when you consider how it helps your children learn to play with others, improve your math skills, and manage your finances.

Economic Lessons of Monopoly

  1. Making smart investments. A large portion of the game is landing on property squares you can choose to buy not. Invest wisely and improve your property and you’ll be earning large on rental money.
  2. Build Savings Fund. It teaches you to be wise and hold on to some of your cash. You’ll need it if you land in jail or have to pay taxes.
  3. Understand the chance of luck. Just like in real life, you can quickly go from riches to bankruptcy. Learning how to take advantage of opportunities and be ready for setbacks. Know that you determine your wealth by the choices you make.
  4. How to take risks. Strategic risks will improve your position. Consider the trade-offs and put your money to the best use. Using your skills but thinking about the end results.
  5. Everyone wants to be the banker. Take turns playing banker. You’ll learn valuable financial management skills and get familiar with terminology like deeds and rent, while using your math skills.

Academic Lessons of Monopoly

  1. Starting with recognizing numbers. Even the small kids can join in. They’ll learn to recognize numbers by counting the dots on the dice and identifying different denominations of money. Counting out loud makes it easier for them and helps them remember their numbers much quicker.
  2. Improve your math skills. Calculator and computers do most of this today. Try doing some calculations in your head or on paper. It is best to teach our children to do it without a calculator.
  3. Reading Practice. Community Chest and Chance spaces provide time to improve their reading skills. Let the children  have the job of reading them out loud to everybody.
  4. Increase your attention span. Some games can last four hours or more. Monopoly will help you develop your patience and extend your ability to focus.

An Opportunity to Learn While Playing 

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