We know you are busy and who has the time to test all all the millions of phone apps available today.. This slideshow has narrowed down some of the best in the business.  Found this to be such a comprehensive list, we just had to share.  We are going to list a few we have been using but there are a total of 15 must haves listed in this article.
CamCard or CardMunch are both great options for business card readers.  This allows you to scan the business card and save all the information on your phone.  Can’t live without option..
Evernote:  This is a perfect place to take notes (we especially like to use this one with the iPad)
Dragon Diction:  Speech recognition app allows you to talk and it dictates for you
Box.net: Cloud storage which means you can save files from your computer and and then open them on any device as the information is stored in the cloud.
We hope these apps make your job easier and give you more time for the things you enjoy most.
MCA Managment collection Agency is a full staff to take care of your collection needs.  We love finding ways to save our clients time and money.  One of those ways is to allow us to take the headache of collections off your plate and allow us, the professionals to do it with no up front investment from you.  Unless we do our job well, there is no cost to you the client.
Please give us a call and set up an appointment so you can take one more thing off your plate in order to enjoy the things that are most important in your life…