Can you survive on referrals today?

If you have or haven’t built your business on referrals, this article is one you will want to read.  Russ Henneberry shares what a referral looks like today and they are much different that in the past.

Referrals can come from:

    • Client (happy with your product or service)
    • Friend (because they know like and trust you)
    • Family  (because they really know you)

  • Vendors  (they see first hand how you take care of those you work with)
  • Competition  (this is by default if they don’t do a good job)
  • Employee  (This is the greatest compliment)

The difference as Russ spoke about is how the referrals are coming to us today… It uses to only be word of mouth.  Today it is much different from the tools of technology we have today.

Email:  an email introduction takes the cold calling out of the equation while giving you an A+ or they wouldn’t haven’t mentioned you in the first place.

When we refer someone we feel the responsibility to lead our friends in the right direction.

Social sites:  They allow someone to compliment as well as to complain to a very large audience.  Thus being said a great job that someone would refer you is valued by anyone who sees this via the social networks..   Look at the facts.. if it is on the internet people believe it.  You want satisfied customers as well as those you have worked around to be a real FAN and refer you to anyone who mentions needing your product or services.

We at MCA Management Collection agency pride ourselves on the great business we have had all because of the great referrals that continue to come in.  We respect our clients and take such great care of them and they, in turn, recognize the great service we give and refer us to their business contacts.  Referrals may have changed in the way they are given but not much.  You still have to give great service and take care of the client before they are going to step out on a limb and recommend you.  Allow MCA the opportunity to take care of your collection needs and we are sure you will become another one of our happy customers referring us to your friends and business associates.