Blogs That Don’t Bore Your Audience To Death


Do a blog they say, it is easy.  Let’s look at blogs that don’t bore your audience.  Content is still KING, nothing has changed through the years.  Good content is the foundation of a great blog. That amazing content (or story)  is what draws your readers in.  Now the important thing to learn from your audience is what does your audience wants to hear.


It needs to be Educational, Entertaining, and Unique

It has to be either educational or entertaining, something they can use to attract the right market of readers. Do you know your niche?  That is what determines the content of your blog post. A collection agency would be helpful to share tips with their readers on how to collect before turning it over to a collection agency.  A chamber of commerce blog sharing the members and who can do business with is valuable.  A fashion blog would be valuable to their readers if they post the latest style and trends in fashion. The bottom line is to always prepare something useful and engaging for the reader.


Great content must be engaging. It needs to coax a response from the readers and get comments and shares from them. You can even use those comments as ideas for your next posts.


Great content must be unique to get the readers’ attention and hold onto it. If they can find it on other sites and blogs, why would they waste their time on yours?

The most sought after content is behind the scenes, how-to, lists, and charts.   If it were a fashion blog is could give tips about the kind of lipstick to wear and if they sold lipstick that would be even better to link their products website to the tips.


You will want to have a strategy and do your research before starting your blog.  It could even be a brainstorming session and collaboration with your team.  Again, the GOAL is the attract readers.

Best is to post once a week and min would be twice a month.

This blogging is worth the investment of time because not only does it create an amazing readership, but it also helps your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) for Google to raise you in the rank without paid advertisement.


The perfect place to start is with your FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions and SAQ’s (Should Ask Questions).

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