Do you think it takes confidence to be in business?

Be confident – ask for the sale.

Let’s face it, none of us got into business not expecting to earn money and grow the business. Yes, you want to help people with _________. However, you still want to make a profit, right?

To make a profit whether selling a product or service you must ask for a sale.  You can’t wait around for someone to come to you and say I’d like to purchase your product.  That is wishful thinking, and you will sell some but you won’t survive in business.  If that is what you are doing you will definitely make statistics of most businesses never make it to the 5-year anniversary.

Grow your Confidence

Have you ever heard the sales statistics you have to talk to a 100 and at 101 there is your sale?  If that is happening, you can lose your confidence real quick.   Let’s face it, It is discouraging when people say “no, no, no” one after the other?   First of all, make sure you are speaking to your target audience, or you will never close the sale.    If I see lawnmowers and I am only speaking to condominium owners how many lawnmowers do you think I will sell?


Have you carefully put together a package you are proud of and know your target audience needs?   If so, and you share what will benefit them, then you have the right to ask for the sale.  As long as it is in their best interest and not yours.


Do your friends and family know what you do?  Could they share your vision and passion with someone else?

  • Create introductory posts on Facebook – on your personal profile and business page – and give a short summary of who you are and what you do for your customers.
  • Find a podcast or other interview opportunity where you can share your expertise with a larger/different audience. Interview scenarios often put people at ease because you’re having a simple conversation.
  • Spell out exactly who you would like to be connected to.
  • Consider creating a Facebook Live series where you answer frequently asked questions as they relate specifically to your business.


The Time is Right, Ask for the Sale

Remember customers have to know like and trust you to become confident enough to buy from you.  You never want to come off as the “used car salesman”.  Don’t talk so much you buy back what you just convinced them they needed.  Be confident as you ask for the sale.


How do you become confident and ask for the sale?

  • Include Calls-to-Action (CTA) everywhere: at the end of every blog post; in your social media posts; within your eBook and other products. Always tell your customers what to do for the next step to working with you.
  • In your email marketing: Don’t assume your customers are seeing your social media posts and not share them again in your email marketing (newsletter).
  • At the end of your one-on-one consultations: always ask if they are ready for the next step and if not, when can you get back to them.

Here are 8 types of CTA’s you need to feel confident on your website.  Click here:


At the end of the day, if you have listened to what your customer needs and you have a solution, there’s no harm in making the offer and asking for the sale. If they say no, it’s ok.  It is better to get a no and move on than a maybe and invest more time into closing the sale if they will never be interested.


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