Banish Stress from Your Life:  Has the COVID-19 gotten to you? Are you living with too much stress? Are there days that you feel so overwhelmed you don’t know what to do?  Do you want to cry, scream or run and hide?

Is it keeping you up at night?  We all deal with stress differently.  The stats below for

One person might deal with the same type of stress more effectively than another. Knowing your stress limits and how you cope is important so you can avoid serious health effects.

The percentages below show that people feel stress in a wide variety of ways:

Fatigue                        51 %

Headache                   44 %

Upset stomach            34 %

Muscle tension            30 %

Change in appetite      23 %

Teeth grinding             17 %

Change in sex drive    15 %

Feeling dizzy               13 %

Irritability or anger       50 %

Feeling nervous          45 %

Lack of energy            45 %

Feeling as though you could cry  35 %


Everyone has stress.  It is to what degree.  Once you learn what causes your stress and learn ways to reduce it and deal with it, you can begin to learn how to live a more relaxed way.


Are you a workaholic?   That alone can cause you stress.  Believe it or not there is good stress and bad stress.  Good stress can motivate you toward a goal of some kind where bad stress can paralyze you and then you do nothing.

“More than half of Americans say stress is the reason they fight with loved ones and friends”.

Have you ever noticed the things that never bother you on a regular basis bother you now?  Stress causes that.

Causes of work stress include:

      • Being insecure about your job
      • Not being happy in your job
      • Dealing with Management who are unclear of your work expectations
      • Overloaded with too much responsibility
      • Working long unreasonable hours
      • Having the responsibility of having to give speeches in front of others
      • Working in a highly hazardous job
      • Being harassment at work

Emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, anger, grief, guilt or low self-esteem can always play a big part in being stressed

Natural Ways to Reduce Stress

5 natural ways to reduce stress.

        1. Relaxation techniques
        2. Stretching and exercising
        3. Nutrition changes
        4. Activities that enrich your daily life
        5. Socialization to get rid of stress (After COVID-19)

Work in 90-minute segments and get up and do something that causes you to move.

How to Embrace Peacefulness in Your Life

        • You have options, choose to be happy.
        • Be Grateful
        • Accept what you cannot change
        • SMILE
        • Think about others
        • Care about others
        • Embrace your beliefs – faith
        • Forgive

Learn how you respond to stress and what is causing it.  Whatever the cause of your stress is, the key is learning how to cope with it. You need to find out how you handle stressful situations by keeping a journal of how you feel and react.   You may need to get help from others as they share how they see you react.

Finally, if you get to a point the stress is too much to handle, get professional help. Talk to your doctor about what is going on in your life and get suggestions on a solution.

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