Here are 9 tips to not only attract but help retain customers…

9 tips to attract and retain customers

  1.  Create a “Pilot” Campaign: Starting small so you can measure and test the Target Market, Products or Services.  You can push a product/service “freebie” or one of your products/services at a reduced rate.  Just so you don’t have a large investment of time.   Example if you own a restaurant you could offer  a Free Dessert  or buy one get one Free…or if you are a consultant maybe a 30 minute consult.
  2. Find companies that can Support each other:  Identify potential companies that compliment your business or service.   You can refer client/customers/patients to each other.     Example:  A Hair Salon Studio may want to support a Nail Salon or Image Consultant.
  3.  Measure, measure, measure: How would you know whether your efforts worked or fizzled if you didn’t measure? In the wake of creating the pilot campaign, setup the proper measurements. Begin with setting measurable goals, such as 10 new customers in 30 days.  Possibly  a goal of 15% increased volume in 60 days.
  4.   Customer Service:  This is what sets you apart of from your competition.  You have to make sure the client/customer/patient has a truly favorable experience. The point when speaking with your customers surveys each of them to evaluate how your representatives or even vendors treated them.
  5.  Review the Results of Your Campaign:  Make sure you review your results after you have measured.   How are they connecting with you?  Where has your greatest number of new clients/customers/patients come from?   Social Media, Email, Website, Freebie?
  6.  Maintain Communication: Collecting contact data if electronically or in individual is vital to looking after your customers, and particularly your best customers. Set up an email showcasing framework and send particular messages of “welcome,” “much appreciated,” or “returns to” for things like oil changes, frequent users like coffee shops, ice cream shops, nail shops etc.. Checkups and so on through computerized email advertising administrations like Constant Contact, MarketVolt or Aweber.
  7. Make sure to convey: pertinent and profitable data efficiently, eminent data (i.e. advancements, accomplishments like another area and so forth.), positive and negative progressions to items or administrations.   You can even use Social Media to offer specials for frequent customers.
  8.  Ask for Referrals: Who?  Utilize your current customer base and a few most productive promoting channels to impart and remind how you fit a requirement, made life simpler, or more agreeable.  Ask your best or most devoted clients for suggestions through social networking if fitting and bear in mind to incorporate the connections to your pages! Guarantee that your newest customers get notification from you inside the initial 10 days of their buy for great measure and memory.
  9.  Host an Informational Workshop at Your Business – Invite your best clients and have them bring a guest. You can create specials during a certain period and coordinate with the workshop.

Here at MCA Collection Agency, we try to let our clients know how important they are to us and treat each of them with utmost respect.

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