74% of small business without a plan of action

TornadoDevastation from natural disasters has left many small businesses around the US in complete turmoil. Unless your business is in a specific area where you are aware that you could be hit you may have the mentality that “this will never happen to me”.  Even a small business should have plan of action if they were to be affected by a natural disaster.  Although small businesses might not have the time or resources to create a plan of action it could save a lot of chaos and loss in the long run.


Simple steps to be prepared

  • Be prepared to run your business from your mobile device
  • Have your information stored on a backup device or cloud drive
  • Prepare a social media plan to contact your clients and make them aware of the happenings
  • Look into natural disaster insurance for your small business


Not only should a small business be prepared if their business itself is hit, but also if one of their suppliers or clients is hit. There should be some kind of action that takes place by reaching out to the client or supplier and lending support.

Ways to reach out clients or supplies:

  •  Communicate with customers on the status of business and delivery
  • Eliminate shipping cost
  • Give discounts or free items to those who are affected
  • Start an online discussion group to provide support and advice

A simple info graphic was created to illustrate the plan of action and can be viewed from the Brandon Gallie blog for small businesses.

MCA Collection Agency wants to make sure our readers and clients are totally prepared in case of a disaster.