7 Worst Body Language Mistakes

We learned some of these in Kindergarten.  Your teacher said, “Sit up straight”  “Look at me when I speak to you” “ Get your fingers out of your mouth”.  These are only 7 of the worst body language mistakes… I am sure you can think of many additional ones.

Folded Armed Man

1)      Biting Nails or Playing with Hair:  This shows you are extremely nervous and does not exhibit any confidence.

2)      Folded Arms:  Makes you appear not interested, bored and discount what is being said,

3)      No eye contact:  You are considered shifty or lack of respect if you don’t keep eye contact.

4)      Bad posture:  Is seen as laziness or uninterested.  Also, makes you appear as not having confidence.

5)      Leaning with your body angled away:   Too much distance, and angling away from the people speaking to you shows you are no comfortable, or disinterested.  Leaning into a conversation is a much better choice.

6)      Watching your watch or a clock:  Says you feel like they are wasting your time.  Worse is pulling out a cell phone to check the time.

7)      Hand Shake:  Don’t be such a sissy (even as a woman) but don’t shake a hand like you are Hercules.  When people wear rings especially women this can be quite uncomfortable. Give a  firm handshake along with the eye contact to exude confidence.

Majority of the reason these are mistakes, it shows weakness, no confidence. It can come across as uninterested.   Needless to say, everyone is typically nervous when meeting someone for the first time.  Applying for a job and this is the interview can be extremely nerve-wracking.  Many times we do these exact mistakes and don’t even realize it until it is brought to our attention.  Watch your body language and impress those you are speaking with, with incredible listening skills and posture!

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