Are you feeling lazy?  Being lazy isn’t necessarily a negative behavior.   However, being lazy is known to have definite downsides.  Here are 7 ways to re-energize.

Laziness is passivity

When you allow your laziness to become the norm in your life, you just leave all the possibilities to change.  Time to learn how to move beyond lazy.


Use these strategies to take back the helm and re-energize:

  1. Get rest. Rest is the 1st place you re-energize.   When you are truly tired, this can be your first defense to feed your body or another tip is to go out and get a bit of fresh air.  Making good health a priority helps you avoid becoming lazy.
  2. Start small. Sometimes the thought of taking on a big project can be too overwhelming and It’s easy to talk yourself out of doing anything because it seems too daunting.  Breaking it down into small tasks can help you stay on task.
  3. Stop procrastinating. Procrastination is one trait of laziness. Everyone knows getting started is the hard part.  Continuing isn’t as hard as getting started.   Don’t waste time or you can talk yourself out it.  Use a time and work in no more than 90 min segments.  20 are best.
  4. Visualize the Results. Take time and imagine yourself getting your project completed. Try this before starting your next project.
  5. Think long-term. Only focusing on short-term projects is a common mistake. The big picture takes it all in and looks at the future.
  6. Stay on task. Multi-tasking is a myth. No one can multi-task and get each project done well.  You will want to see the results project by project as to not get lazy and procrastinate.
  7. Use self-talk. Don’t use excuses to be lazy, use self-talk to keep you on task, and moving forward.  coming up with excuses to justify being lazy, use the voice in your head to avoid laziness. Ex:  I have control of myself. I use my time wisely and effectively.

Overcoming laziness is an invaluable skill. Planning out your day can help you avoid laziness. When your day isn’t planned out, it’s much easier to waste time. Use the strategies that work for you. Avoid letting laziness derail your success and productivity.

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