Types of Video Marketing

Video allows you the opportunity to introduce yourself or your products to your audience so they begin to Know Like and Trust you.

Video filmFacts about YouTube

  • YouTube debuted Feb 14, 2005
  • First Video was uploaded April 2005.
  • Today they boast 800 Million unique users
  • 72 hours of Video are uploaded every minute
  • 1+ million members
  • #2 Search Engine and it’s not even a search engine.
  • Google owns YouTube

There are many types of Video productions.  There are 7 types of Video listed below while there are still many additional ways.

  1. Perfect way to show off products and demonstrations of your products or service in action.
  2. How to Videos are extremely popular.  You can Google just about anything How to _____________ and you will find it on YouTube.
  3. Company Training is the perfect way to take a company from Good to Great
  4. Testimonials – Who better to tell about your product or services that someone that has used your services or products.  Coming from an outsider is more believable than the owner.
  5. Interview – Introducing a possible JV (Joint Venture) or someone that show your expertise status.
  6. Product Reviews allows you to show the facts and figures of a Great product or service.
  7. Video Press Release – sharing an event or some news that a video would compliment any print information.

Keep in mind when you use Video it also enhances your SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Make sure you title your Video correctly to enhance the SEO as well as your description.  Don’t forget to add the URL of the company to the beginning of the description.

MCA is a cutting edge collection company always looking out for the best interest of our clients.  We know the results we have gotten from just the first video we created.