Are you authentic?  Here are 7 Tips to Being Authentic.

Have you ever heard of Impostor Syndrome?  Some might say that is nothing more than not being authentic and trying to be someone you are not.   Even been in a situation you weren’t acting like your true self you were trying to please someone else?  Was it fear you would be found out and they wouldn’t believe you or like you?  Whatever reason you choose to hide your real self is emotionally unhealthy.

People trust you if you are authentic

The first cause could be not feeling confident in who you are.  You may not even realize you aren’t being authentic as you have not been yourself for so long.  You may even wonder exactly who I am.

Now is the time to stop hiding from the world and be proud of your true self.  You can be authentic during your interactions.

First, commit to increasing your true authenticity through these tips.

    1. Be sensitive to your feelings. Pay attention to when your own emotions are high and understand what is causing those feelings.  Once you recognize them then you can be aware and mindful so you can learn to be in control of them.  This alone will help you be more authentic.  Be in the moment and aware of what is happening and stay true to yourself.
    2. Give yourself grace. If something happens that causes you to react, learn to respond instead of reacting.  Consider the situation and you feel a need to respond remember to just be yourself.    It’s ok to give yourself grace and admit you don’t know how to respond and continue working on that until you are confident in being yourself.
    3. When you catch yourself being inauthentic, and you catch yourself being less than honest with yourself and others in a situation, take a moment, gather your thoughts and you can ask for a minute and change your mind. Give yourself permission to pause and be you.
    4. Be aware to what situations prompt you to not be confident and be your true self. Is it when you are in front of a supervisor, around your in-laws, dinner with someone out of your financial league, etc.?  If you find it hard to be authentic, ask yourself why.
    5. The more authentic you are around others the more your confidence will grow. Learn to be open and honest and accept yourself.  Don’t let fear cause you to be too timid or too loud.
    6. When you learn that others truly want you to be authentic and they will love you for it, life is so much easier. If they don’t enjoy your authenticity, they don’t deserve your presence.
    7. Be kind to others. There is a huge connection between being authentic and caring.   When you care the natural response is to be kind.  Who doesn’t enjoy watching someone be kind to others?   When you expend a little effort on relating to others, they gradually find that you are great to be around.

Here are 6 more steps

How to Be Authentic and Not Care What Other People Think.

Don’t suppress your own feeling to make others feel better and more comfortable.    Trust yourself, it is vital to be happy and genuine.   Reflect and see what makes you happy when. you are asking for a getting what you really want.


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