Use these 7 Tips For Working From Home Effectively.  Some work from home on a regular basis.  Some are learning to work from home.   Here are some tips to be more productive.

Work Regular Hours

Doesn’t matter what you determine as your regular work hours, just be consistent and work during that time frame.  If you want off early you must make up those hours on another day.   If you want to sleep in, when will you make up those hours?    You may need to set a timer for specific tasks or use time tacking apps like Rescue Time or Toggl: Time Tracker to see if you are sticking with your schedule.    These apps can help find out the time of day you are most productive.

Set Boundaries with Other People in Your Home

Whether it be children or older adults living in your home you have to be clear as to what you can and cannot do while you are the clock.   It is easy for them to assume since you are home you can drop everything for anything they need.  This can lead to frustration on your end as well as theirs.

Build in a Morning Routine

Just like every morning you used to get up and go to work outside the home, you need a routine.  What says I’m starting work for you?  It could be when you make up your bed or fix your first cup of coffee, but you determine that.

Take Breaks

By law and employee has to be given breaks.  That is simply because you are more productive after you have taken a short 15 min break.   Don’t work through lunch take the time to regroup.  You can use an app, such as TimeOut for Mac and Smart Break for windows if you need to lock yourself out of your computer for 60 minutes.

New Scenery

If you are not as productive as you could be, you might need new scenery.  A different place in the house to work, outside, face a different window, just so your mind and eyes get a break.  You can even take a walk.


Socialize With Others

Don’t isolate yourself from others.  If you are an Extrovert, you will have to be in contact with others or you will become quite discouraged with the job.  If you are an Introvert, you will love working by yourself, but you can become a hermit.  Don’t let that happen as that is not good for your wellbeing.

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