Tips For Successful Debt Collections – If you are going to try to do collections on your own here are some things to keep in mind. 

Be sure to Document Everything! 

When speaking to your customer about their outstanding invoices be sure to take impeccable notes including all their comments in case you have a dispute you must protect yourself.  Collection Agencies have software to track them while you may have to just keep impeccable notes. 

Be Prepared before you begin! 

Know everything you can about your delinquent customer before you make the initial contact. Have copies of all invoices, contracts, and any other information that will help you speak intelligently and professionally with the customer.

Be careful, Don’t Assume Anything!

Start out your call fact-finding first.  Records can be wrong and they have in fact paid it.  Don’t alienate the customer keep in mind your goal is for the debt to be paid and there may be a potential future business with the customer. Be careful with your tone and your words, this can get you in trouble if done wrong.  Wait and listen to what the customer has to say, and be sure to document every interaction accurately.

Be Pleasant and Control Yourself. 

Be cautious of the tone you take with your voice as it can impact your success. Start off the conversation with a friendly, non-confrontational tone if you want the customer to respond more positively. Once you have confirmed that you are speaking to the correct person about the unpaid invoice, ask if you can do anything to help. Your job in debt collections ultimately is to collect the debt in full as soon as possible.   Don’t let it go long as the longer you wait the less likely you are to collect.  Therefore, turning over your bad debt to a collection agency sooner rather than later is in your best interest. 

Avoid Confrontation and Don’t try to Manipulate. 

Try to find out the debtor’s reason for not paying.  It could be legitimate. Listen carefully to what the person is telling you to get a sense if the person is being honest with you.  Use your gut feelings.

Stop Harassment. 

Try to stay calm even if the debtor becomes abusive during the contact be careful and suggest calling back later when they are calmer. Never judge or blame.  It’s important to let the debtor feel like they are being heard. 

Give Them Options.  Your job is to find a solution. 

If a customer is having trouble paying off debt, it might be possible for him to make payments over time. Work out a plan that works for both the customer and you.


Highly recommend having legal representation in case you need it.  Doing your own collections can be risky. 

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