7 Offline Marketing Tips for 2018

Check out these 7 Offline Marketing Tips for 2018.

Everyone is more familiar with online marketing but that is not the be all end all.   Marketing is like putting a puzzle together and there are many pieces.   The number one word that should come to mind for both is Relationships.  People buy from people the know, like and trust.
  1. Have an event or sponsor an event. You want the advertising of your brand front and center. Example if you are Tire and Auto company you might want to have an event for Women to show them how to take care of their vehicle.   Many times, this leads to new business as you have now become someone they can trust.
  2. Donate a product of gift certificate: When you donate a gift certificate for a great cause that is a win but when they become a returning customer because they liked your service or product that is a win – win.    This is getting your name out there to many that may not have ever hear of you or may have never seen your location as it might not be easily visible.   Don’t forget to sponsor the local school sports teams in your area.

Are you spending all your time marketing Online?

  1. Participate in Vendor events with your local chamber of commerce or schools. Usually the vendor tables are inexpensive, but you get to reach out at meet members of your community while introducing your great company.
  2. Give a Workshop for free or fee.  This will show off your expertise and allow them to ask questions to get to know you personally.   Do this as a joint venture with another company and you will pull different audiences.    Ideal is to get several businesses that compliment each other or who are in the same area to go together to invite and brand all the companies with the literature you are handing out.   Your library probably does a workshop series and they are always looking for new presenters.
  3. Write a book. This can be a small guide of some kind up to a hardback book.   Today you can even house an electronic version on your website and give them the link in your advertising.   Take advantage of the offline to send to online and enhance your Search Engine Optimization on your own website.
  4. Anything that you do such as hiring for a new position, grand opening, expansion etc. makes sure you put out a press release for the news to notice your story. This is how you get recognized in the news without paid advertisement.
  5. Take advantage of advertising opportunities through your local Chamber of Commerce or organizations you feel passionate about.
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